What started out as a photograph ended up being a video. This is the danger of being a filmmaker dad.

It had rained all day, washing away my sons intricate chalk work from the day before. So he decided to see if he could write numbers all the way to 100 for the first time!

He was so focused on his work and so proud of his new found talent, I decided to take a little video. And then my daughter joined to watch her brother and I filmed a bit more. Before you know it my son and I were racing around the driveway working on our separate projects. I just couldn't help but edit it together.

This is for family and friends. Yeah, it's a bit lengthy for a kid drawing but I felt liberated to not be constrained by time as I usually do.

Besides, what's a proud father to do? Shot before dinner and edited a short while after. Just for fun.

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