Description of a method to source based on impacts from a RBD sim.

The remap of impacts was done with CHOP's; Because the remap has to be across all the simulation range, then another artist friendly OTL remaps and derive with ramps 3 new attributes(impact[3], pscale(impact radius), density) to use in the transfer process.

All the transfer of attributes was with a point cloud method in VOP's (very fast, and keeps in mind pscale).

Finally I have to optimize the sim, because of the SDF representation of the collision objects. The collisionmask calculation was a separate sim, only with two solvers: Gas Collision Mask and my custom field resize DOP; Then I fetched the data back in the main smoke sim. (this setup was inspired by Naiad worflow, and in DOP's it's very fast this way and less memory intensive)

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