This video was made for the UNWOMEN's 2010 campaign "16 days of activism to end violence against women"

“Violence against women and girls is wide spread, but it is not inevitable. We can stop it. UNIFEM, part of UN Women, works jointly with other UN agencies to catalyze action, to respond to, and prevent violence against women as a priority.”
Erika Kvapilova, Regional Program Director UNIFEM CEE (part of UN WOMEN)

“A man who doesn’t respect and abuses women cannot be a real man.”
Yuri Afanasiev, UNDP Resident Representative and UN Coordinator for BiH

“Significant number of divorces in our country is a result of domestic violence. Women, if you report the violence, legislation system will protect you.”
Lejla Fazlagić, Judge, Municipal Court Sarajevo

“Violence against women is a criminal act and requires urgent attention from the state level.”
JasminkaDžumhur, Ombudsmen BiH for Human Rights

“Women are most common victims of domestic violence, but do not forget that their children suffer too. That is why our country, Bosnia and Herzegovina, must have zero tolerance on domestic violence issue.”
Nada Golubović, President of Association “Women United” Banja Luka

“I demand zero tolerance on women abuse.”
Enisa Salčinović, President of women section of Canton Sarajevo Association of Concentration Camp Torture Survivors

“Violence against women is not only the victim’s problem. Everybody is responsible. We should act together to stop it.”
Samra Filipović, Director of Gender Equality Agency of BiH

“Since the Criminal law changed in 2002, domestic violence is no longer treated as public safety offence, but as a criminal act.”
Anisa Pašić, Police woman – 2nd Police HQ, Canton Sarajevo

“There is no situation that justifies violence. If we do not deal with the violence, violence will deal with us.”
Sabiha Husić, Director, MedicaZenica

“Young people could turn 16 days of activism into 365.”
Katarina Vučković, Youth program manager, NVO ProniBrčko

“A man who abuses women to demonstrate his superiority is, in fact, inferior in all areas.”
Olja Latinović, Youth Program Coordinator, Filmski festival pravo ljudski

“Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that all human beings are born equal. Unfortunately, women are not treated as human beings in all parts of the world.”
Saša Madacki, Director of Human Rights Centre of University of Sarajevo

“Citizens of Sarajevo should know best that violence has no justification.”
Miroslav Živanović, Sarajevo Deputy Mayor

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