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The Road to Romania Episode 2 of 3

Join Jap Performance Parts' Sajid Moghal and Walton Smith, along with Kyouto Drift in an exclusive three part mini-series to the Drift Grand Prix in Bucharest, Romania. Do either team have what it takes to be the best in Europe?
Next Episode - Wednesday 23rd November!
Narrated By Mark Henderson
Executive Producer: Peter Farrow
Filmed : Tim Fare Matthews, Pete Farrow, Mark Henderson, Alex Manning
Edited By Mark Henderson, Tim Fare-Matthews, Matthew Higgins
Stills by Tim Fare-Matthews
Sajid Moghul
Pete Farrow
Brad Hacker
Ross Juniper
Nick Seward
Alex Manning
Walton Smith
Mark Henderson
Tim Fare Matthews
Music -- by Monster Cat Media:
Original Score by Kevin Macleod.
(order from which they're heard)
Shamantis - The Gaian Matrix
Aftermath - Kevin Macleod
Movement Proposition - Kevin Macleod
Elements of Sanity - Arion
Solar - Noisestorm
Movement - Stephen Walking
Hourglass - Maduk
Slip Away - Feint
Knock You Out - Arion Electro Mix
Airwaves - Noisestorm
Panoramic - Noisestorm
Ultimate Driving Machine - Mark Henderson Tom Schonfeld
Mr Fijiwiji - Insomnia
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