Technology has become one of the most significant factors affecting our life nowadays. The modern consumer society shows such a complex organizational structure which has been influenced by the most powerful communication instrument humankind invented: The World Wide Web. After just twenty years since its launch, people have changed irreversibly the way they deal with life.

Actually, it is unquestionable that it has opened new horizons, and the way how people interact and share information is becoming faster and faster. On the other hand most people would accept that most sophisticated technology gadgets, such as smartphone and touch screen laptop, are reducing the amount of time people need so as to strengthen social development.

As far as I'm concerned, currently, we are living a "Multi-Touch" society, where information is at our fingertips. Although technology connects people without limits all around the world, it also causes the lack of social development when it is overused. "A Daily Routine" doesn't attempt to be an answer to this controversial issue, but it could be the starting point to analyze one of the most significant changes of our society.

a concept by Corradino Garofalo, 2011.

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