Welcome to the Radiumphonic Lab ..
This is the studio and practice behind the London boutique sound company Radium Audio.

Our approach to creating music and crafting sound is a little unusual in that we love to use live instruments wherever we can, and we create most of our own sounds organically in-house.
we always aim to imbue our work with a vivid, real-world sonic experience.

Hope you enjoy ..

Projects include within the film:

Guns - NCIS - with LL Cool J
Lions - Africa for MGM
Glass Sculpture - for Sky 3D DNA
Laserharp - Self Initiated Project
Breeder - Pause Fest
Harp - Sky 3D DNA
Josie @ Keyboard - Weetakid Ipad Game
Ikea Guys - Sky Arts
Flashing Boxes & Lights - Dalston Pony DJ Set NYC
Ribbon Peter - Sky DNA
Violin Girl - Sky Arts 2010
Cat - Harold one of the 2 studio cats who come to see us
Bubbling Flask - Macro Kingdom 3 - recording liquid Nitrogen
McLaren Car - Mercedes App on Facebook
Ikea Glass - Sky DNA
Brushes & Kalimbra - Sky DNA
Boing Boing Head - Random Trying out sounds..


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