A very simple experiment in [proper] time lapse photography.

The first segment I shot from my balcony with the GoPro HERO2 on factory settings - 2 second intervals, 11 MP. It worked out rather well, probably because our inner yard is very well illuminated. You will see people arriving with their cars, and offices slowly lightning up.

Encouraged by the first try, I went out the same day in the late afternoon and spent well over two hours photographing the sunset and onsetting dusk over Tampere. The GoPro HERO2 was again on the same settings as in the morning, and documenting the setting sun. After the sun set I let the HERO2 record for another half an hour, though the result was solemn: With the very limited light the HERO2 recorded nothing useful (Unless you find nearly black useful).

I positioned the Sony NEX-5N to photograph the nightfall over the city. I experimented with different settings: The first segment is shot on Manual settings, the second on Shutter Priority and the 3rd and 4th on Aperture Priority. Sadly I forgot to switch AF off, hence the slightly blurry/ tiltshift-isque segments towards the end. Learning from my mistakes. However, the results are somewhat presentable, despite the ugly noise with the increasing darkness.

I interlaced the evening sequence, to show how the sun sets in the west while in the east the night falls. The moving clouds and waves make for an interesting viewing experience, and the rising Jupiter is certainly a nice view [can you see that in your city?].

All in all I learned a bunch and am encourage to try more time lapse photography in the future. I reckon for higher quality output of night scenes I need to do a bit more research to achieve it, but thanks to the TL Assembler it really is a breeze to make a time lapse. The GoPro HERO2 is pretty fantastic, given that one does not need to fiddle around with a lot of settings and no need for an intervalometer. The Sony NEX-5N is a strong camera and after I worked out the kinks it should deliver very good results.

GoPro HERO2 + Velbon Sherpa tripod
Sony NEX-5N + Joby GorillaPod
gentled intervalometer for the NEX-5N
Warm clothing! It was bloody windy.
Images assembled with the Time Lapse Assembler [dayofthenewdan.com/projects/time-lapse-assembler-1] and edited in iMovie.

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