Russia, like any big country, has many faces. Unfortunately, most people only see Russia's two biggest cities. In this video, you will see six Russian regions:

1. St. Petersburg
2. Yekateringburg (site of the execution of the Tsars and near the continental border between Europe and Asia),
3. Pskov (near the Baltic)
4. Porkov (and the village of Plovdiv)
5. Kazan (capital of the Tartar region)
6. Moscow

All five regions are located in the western Russia. Yekaterinburg is (barely) in eastern Russia since it is 30km on the east side of the Urals, which divide Russia east-west.

Russia is the biggest country in the world and this video just covers part of the western portion, which is only 20% of the whole country. East of the Urals is a completely different Russia, the Russia that is in Asia, home of Siberia. You'll have to wait a few years before Francis does a video of that enormous region.

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Photos: Francis Tapon
Music: Russian National Anthem by the Presidential Orchestra, Pavel Ovsyannikov, cond.; Moscow Kremlin Choir, Gennady Dmitryak, director

TIP: This video is best seen in high quality/definition. If the video is choppy, let it load first (press pause) and then you'll be able to view it smoothly.

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