How fitting. Mutant Worm creating an animation about ... silk worms.
It's in Dutch, sorry. Maybe it'll get subtitled at some point.

André of Moomba Media approached me to do some funny animation for this project. They were making an informational video about the silk worm for the butterfly garden in the Emmen Zoo.

The footage consisted of pictures, low resolution stock footage from Vietnamese silk farm, and an interview. André remembered my Mutant Worm Explanimation and thought the animation style a fitting addition.

In our talks I suggested we put all the footage on a canvas in After Effects - the program in which I would be doing the animation - and move the camera to bind it all together.

It was a joy to work on with some surprising and funny animation to fit the voice over. This, pf course is the soundless version with typography. Check out the soundversion at

Thanks Moomba!

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