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For the past year we've implemented a series that showcases artists, writers and musicians works absolutely free of charge. No fees, no covers, just you and your amazing work. This is no small feat in New York and undoubtedly everyone sacrificed a huge amount of themselves to make it possible. And while it may be ideal to continue in this way, it's definitely not feasible.That being said, what we are asking for is only a very small fraction of what is needed to create things like the first print version of The 22 Review, a bigger, badder, better website, more in-depth content and larger, more excellent events. It all requires money and it is our pleasure to hand this money out as quickly as we possibly can to the artistic community at large but it's up to you to help. Many of you in the past year have benefited from the help The 22 has given to projects through our curated blog series, Support This Project, and through our postings and reviews of work. The Contributor's to the magazine played a large role in helping create our first show and were rewarded with a large amount of exposure in the NY arts community. Now it's our turn to ask you to return the favor. Even $10 will help us take small steps towards our goal and in the long run, you will find as always with The 22 the benefits outweigh the cost. It's true, grassroots fundraising may be one of the most difficult ways to get funds but it's remains one of the most honest and I believe that you, the readers, the contributors, want this magazine to survive. I truly ask you to take the time to show it. $10 is all it takes. Please consider help out and I promise you will not be sorry.

Most Videos by Straw2Gold Pictures:

1) Cat Gilbert, Creator of The 22 Magazine
2) Dolores Alfieri, writer:
3) Erin Snyder, writer:
4) Samantha Kostmayer Sulaiman:
5) Ansel Elkins, poet:
6 & 7) Threefifty Duo, muiscians:
8) Enid Ellen, muiscian:
9) Osvaldo Cibilis, sound artist:
10) Max Evry, filmmaker (excerpt from Phone Mom):
11) Michael Babin, artist, filmmaker (excerpt from reflux):
12) Tobias Stretch, artist and filmmaker (excerpt from Gig):
13) Siuri Huang,
14) April Gertler, artist:
15) Yuko Otomo, poet:
16) Panoply Performance Lab, artists:
17 & 18) Shanya Dulhburger, musician and Steve Dalachinsky, poet:
19) Jeff Burns, filmmaker (excerpt from Water):
20) Thera Webb, poet:
21) John Jennison, artist:
22) Edgar Oliver, poet and playwright:

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