Words and Music by Kirk Irvine

Livin’ my still life
still sellin’ shoes
still life keeps steppin’ on
my blue suedes
still enjoy your passionate disapproval
still life keeps movin’
whether I’m right or doin’ wrong
still life keeps movin’
that’s why I’m movin’ on

What’s the use of talkin’
if we’re never gonna trade
I ran in place a thousand miles
to reach this place today
finally got my heart put where
it’s out of harm’s way
if you ain’t buyin’ footwear
don’t mess with my display

You tell me who you are
mostly it’s fears
you show me how you feel
mostly with tears
Oh yes ma’am
those crocodiles are genuine
Oh yes ma’am
they complement your eyes
I guess I’m givin’ in
to those beautiful eyes
that ain’t news
I guess you win I lose
but here’s a word to the wise
still make my livin’
the way I choose
yes I’m givin’ in
to those beautiful eyes
you see I make my livin’
sellin’ lies

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