In this session you will receive an introduction to HTML5 and an overview of the goals and progress of the Drupal 8 HTML5 Initiative.
HTML5 is the next version of HTML. Development began in roughly 2004 by the WHAT WG and has continued to this day by both WHAT WG and W3C. Development * may * never end.
HTML5 features new semantic elements, such as , and .
HTML5 features audio and video playback native to the browser with the and elements and associated APIs.
HTML5 features new form elements, including type="range" and type="search".
HTML5 features support for the WAI-ARIA (Accessibile Rich Internet Applications) candidate recommendation, including validation.
and much more...
Using contributed / custom themes and contributed / custom modules it is possible to build HTML5 sites today in Drupal 7. One of the Core Initiatives for Drupal 8 is the Drupal 8 HTML5 Initiative. This initiative's goal is to:
The main goals of this initiative will be to implement HTML5 in Drupal core in a way that will:

- Have the most benefit for end users.
- Enable contributed modules and themes to evolve using HTML5.
- Allow theme developers to control where to use the new semantic elements, and opt out entirely if they so choose.

About the presenter: Everett Zufelt is a freelance web developer and accessibility consultant, the Drupal Core Accessibility Maintainer, and an Invited Expert to the HTML WG at the W3C.

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