AstroCat on his quest for disco-loving friends!
A lonely cat in space is seeking for new friends, in despair he broadcasts a message: DISCOMUSIC

On a deserted planet the music turns the agressive ATAT-robot into a moonwalk-dancer. In the end the ATAT and his former victim are united and dancing along with AstroCat to his tune.


In this animated short i tried to experiment with Sci-Fi Themes, Stop-Motion, Live Action and Matte Painting!

Director & Animation:
Jennifer Schwartze

Music: Mike Burns

AstroCat: Mirko the Cat
ATAT: as himself
Dancing Yeti: Jennifer Schwartze


Special thanks to:

Mike Burns for his great music, Laura Skocek for the yeticostume and technical assistance, Florian Biechele for setrunner and Mirko for being the best pet in the world and a well-behaved actor.

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