PART 2 - The binaural rock band

In this 2 part documentary we explore new techniques in recording and delivering music in the 21st Century.

It is well known that we already provide differing mix outcomes for specific listening purposes already, such as the 'single mix', 'dance mix' and 'album mix' for determined listening environments. However, where do we go in terms of delivering 'spatial' alternatives that possibly give a more immersive experience?

Part 1: 'Emotional Machines', investigates recording techniques for 5.1 surround playback of music and the concept of 5 channel microphone arrays for the commercial studio environment. We look at how microphones and their positioning affect the largeness of the perception of 'space'. Is it a viable inclusion to standard practises already in place in the commercial studio? Considering that most households and even now in cars, have multi channel playback, should we take more note of this burgeoning playback experience and start accommodating for it? We say yes! But it's not just a case of 'throwing' microphones around in a large room, it involves some careful consideration and planning.

Part 2: 'The binaural rock band', explores the idea of 3D sound via 'binaural' recording. There is nothing new about this concept, but what if mixes were specifically designed for this type of playback where the listener actually felt as though they are there in the studio with the band? It is obvious that the majority of listeners are delivered music via headphones (iPods), so this is a pertinent and relevant investigation to the area. What will the outcome be?

Recorded and filmed at Studios 301 in Sydney, the most well equipped and regarded studio in Australia. We go on a journey of experimentation into the world of 'spatial' audio.

Subject result: 96 HD

Video by Guss Mallmann

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