Aubie Asks @ the Libraries!

If it hasn’t happened yet, it most likely will. Your professor assigns a paper but says “Don’t use Google for your sources, use a library database.” What’s the difference? No matter if you use Google, or Yahoo, or Bing, you’re going to find some good things on the web. Examples include news, blogs, opinion and the ever popular Wikipedia.

You must be careful though when you gather your sources from a search engine such as Google for your paper. This is because the web has no review process. So this means you’ll need to check to see if the sources are credible and reliable, check the authority, such as who wrote the article or information. You’re also going to find tons of stuff to go through and you may be asked to pay.

Using a library database is different. Most of the information has gone through some type of review process. Also, the information is free to you as an Auburn student. And finally, one of the biggest advantages of using library database is that the information is much more specific- so you don’t have to sift through millions of pages. This means you can narrow your searches much more efficiently. If you are interested in a particular topic, there’s probably a database that covers that in depth.

So if you need sources for your paper, try a library database and if you need more help, ask a librarian. Remember our email address

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