A dance performance by compagnie mintrotundschwarz.
„Sit up straight!“, „Be quiet!“, „Behave yourself!“- expressions, which still echo from our childhood. Now we are grown up and we do not need dunning words anymore. But that does not mean at all, that we always want to behave accaptably and politely. The massive feeling to resist conformance is rising inwardly ever and anon, but mostly we overcome this feeling. Three persons are meeting on a table. Each one knows how to behave, knows every rule. But they break the rules and provoke unpredictable reactions. From here, moments full of natural intimacy, will be developed. We reveal intimate desires of our body: gently, rawly, liberating.
2011 in coproduction with LOFFT.Leipzig. Costums by Rebeccca Löffler, Light by Andrej Schwabe, Thomas Achtner, video and cut by Ulf Wogenstein, Alexander Schumann, music cut by Dirk Ziervogel, photos by Thomas Dachs, copyright by compagnie mintrotundschwarz
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