"A political thriller in London traps an American on holiday with an explosive international climax".

A distinguished Berkeley Professor arrives in London for a holiday to visit three academic peers is kidnapped his first night in London.

The story begins in America on the fabled campuses of Berkeley and Stanford over precious Russian Icons destined for the British Museum. Lord Harold and Lady Bruxton, Oxforshire, appear to be civilized Academics; however, they intend to use the Professor as a pawn in a bitter and brutal struggle between Chechnya and Russia that will soon inflame the London artworld.

What started as an academic project in America, will soon capture the international art world and ignite battles from Moscow to St. Petersburg to London.
Who will win??

A STRANGER IN LONDON is written from living in London 1990-1991 as an MA student at The University of London and summers as a Berkeley/Oxford Scholar, 1988-1989, Worcester College, Oxford; and in 1990, Cambridge-UCLA, Trinity Hall, Cambridge.

The script is also dedicated to The Center for Slavic, East European and East Asian Studies, The University of Calfornia, Berkeley, where I am an Associate.

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