Spy a refugee crab on a long journey stowing away inside a jellyfish. Shot while diving in the Andaman Sea near Khao Lak, Thailand. Please accept my apologies for the lousy camerawork.

Just something I cobbled together in 30 minutes with Abaltat Express and Garageband. Sorry if it sucks!

Other known issues:
You'll likely notice some heavy compression artifacts in parts of the video. Apparently Vimeo is working on correcting this problem. To see a higher quality version, download the MP4 video file (see lower right side of this page).

To compensate for the shaky camerawork, I did some experimentation with iStabilize, video stabilization software from Pixlock; hence the extrapolation artifacts on the edges... I hope to update this video with a corrected version (perhaps using a vignette effect).

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