Today, the community manager shoulders more responsibilities as they manage the digital reputation for the organization that they serve. So, how do you integrate this important resource into becoming a normal part of a business's communication ecosystem?

Let's ask The Brandbuilder. Olivier Blanchard will share what happens (or what needs to happen) to the community manager role so it becomes a seamless extension of a brand's voice, moving beyond the "conversation" and "engagement" function into an important part of a successful customer lifecycle strategy.

This is a unique opportunity for decision makers of all stripes to hear from a leading voice on not only why they should have a community manager in place, but also what qualities to look for when evaluating a person for this position, and how the community manager can play an important role to help strengthen a brand's communication strategy.

About Olivier Blanchard

As BrandBuilder Marketing‘s principal and senior strategist, Olivier helps companies develop, build, integrate, manage and measure Social Media Programs. He also helps companies manage their reputations online and offline, and establish leadership in their markets.

Olivier often trains company executives and project teams in all matters of social media management and measurement, then teaches them to build and integrate effective programs into every facet of their business, from Public Relations, business development and market research to Human Resources and Customer Support.

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