From 2005 - 7 Mobile Homes was invited as collaborators in the sitespesific event “Stedsans”. The work was developed in Porsgrunn, an industrial town in the south of Norway. During the 3 years we made a series of video-and sound installations, where the point of departure was the city of Porsgrunn and its citizens.

The last commision was ”Radio Utopia”; a 7 m wide film was projected onto 2 large billboards raised on a forgotten and dilapidated playground at the outskirts of town. Squeezed between nature and industry, the images played against the towering gaspipes of Hydro and the industrial cranes of the old shipyard.

The screens shows the faces of young people, photographed against a neutral black or white background as they observe each other timidly. At times the black and white is overtaken by strong colored canvases, animated by intertwining lines or colorful patterns like a constant changing map or a wallpaper in a room somewhere in the future.

The soundscape consist of a collage of the young voices mixed in with recordings of shortwave radio and far away places. Dub meets harding-fiddle and electronica. Fragments from an utopian radio transmitter we want to tune in to and understand.

Radio Utopia was a commissioned for Stedsans in Porsgrunn. 29 august - 9 September 2007. For more information see

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