Tokyo time-lapse re-imagined in this rough preview for the film - 'Return to the City'

Massive Thanks to Samuel Cockedey for letting me loose on his amazing time-lapse photography and making this whole project possible.

This preview is for the Prologue to the the Sci-Fi film 'Paradigm Flux'
The finished short will help set up the story for the main feature. Using Timelapse to help form the narrative - along with accompanying soundtrack, keycard and additional micro-length animated film
Keycard: 2011/11/23/woob-return-to-the-city-keycard/" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">
Animated film -Tokyo Run : 45699293">

For more of Samuels amazing photography check out his website

Previous collaboration with Samuel 14692378">

Keep up to date with the project at

Those interested in working methods carry on...

Opening shot - the slowing of Samuels original fast thundercloud time lapse was created using Optical flow (which can work really well on the right subject) + multiple layers of animated film grain were mixed in to help with the banding of the compression.
The rest of the time lapse is double/triple h.264 on this preview expect a cleaner look to the final film! The 3d logo and the opening credit text were created in Vue9! ...nice 71 hour render !

More information on Samuels time lapse creation process can be found here: 2010/08/06/floating-point-an-interview-with-samuel-cockedey/" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">

The film contains glimpses of macro and microscopic filming that has been worked in as an an opposite to the Time-Lapse expect to see a little more in the finished film..
Grade, edit - Final Cut

Soundtrack: inspired by the Story/Tokyo/Samuels Work and also all the other great time-lapse photographers out there in vimeo land - check my likes for additional time lapse inspiration.
Created with Logic + a load of analog outboard and synths

Thanks to Emika and Maxine for all the voices
+Vimeo for making collaborations like this possible!

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