In December 2010, I decided to create the website for a medieval inspired clothing workshop for my girlfriend. So I designed the website around a story line. At this time there was still no Game of Thrones so its similarities are pure coincidence.

Anyway, we decided to call it Northern Winds, after a huge snow storm of the coldest of winds that ravaged the land up to the core of the realm and froze everything and everyone in it's pass.

The name Northern-Winds was given to the northern mountain region, and thus was the name inherited by this workshop in this far and isolated location.

I also decided to make a short movie, to promote the whole thing... I made a 1 minute movie filming myself shooting a bow inside my house over green cloth. I used a bridge camera filming at 640x480. It did turn acceptable, but when I showed it to some friends that own a Weddings filming company, they suggested I remade the movie in Full-HD. I accepted the challenge and started preparing everything.

First task was to make a story board, and extend the movie to make it more interesting, then I started worrying with the vfx. I was lucky to find an animator in the Ukraine who was a great guy and made this movie possible.

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