Class 186 explains divine signs in Cheer Up songs and it's continued on 186a, 186b & 1a1. On 9-4-10 I needed a cheer up so I synced a few songs, (the theme from The Valley of the Dolls by Dionne Warwick , Homeward Bound by Simon and Garfunkel and Whitney Houston's Step by Step), I synced those songs to scenes from a couple of movies. When I realized how much help I had from God to do this I added a talk at the start to explain that THESE ARE DIVINE SIGNS THAT SHOULD BE SHARED and not kept just for me. It's so blatantly obvious that I posted it at You Tube and Vimeo to challenge how picky they are about copyright violations. In class #161 at 39 to 55 min Vimeo deleted 53 of my videos over copyright violations and I explained the apparent wrath of God that followed when 36 people were shot in New York in the 9-5-11 news. "I'm sure Vimeo would like to deny it but I don't think the citizens of New York let them." @ 1 min in L116

Since I didn't know anybody else would see 186 I had to make classes 186a @ and 186b @ to explain why I picked the scenes from the movies An Officer and a Gentleman and SEABISCUIT that I put into this class 186. I HAD NO IDEA what a big deal that was until I saw how much God helped me sync those three songs to scenes from those two movies, (butt a horse's ass tried to ruin it so I don't watch the start of SEABISCUIT's race until I hear Whitney Houston sing "So many dangers along the way"). It's just like when I HAD NO IDEA what a big deal LARK Avenue was until I summed it up in L5b @, (and got a new revelation at 9 min). One reason why God would do that is it seems to be heaven's way of saying that the copyright rules & or the enforcement of those rules are too strict. =rw557pm on 3-9-14 is a loud and clear confirmation of what I just watched at 12 min in 186b @ I said the line "let's kill all the lawyers let's kill them tonight" was, (the #557 means), "a homey's OJ" of lawyers IN HEAVEN passing judgment against lawyers ON EARTH, (so you might as well just admit it and GET OVER IT), it's like what follows.

From class L94
I heard NYC didn't like what I wrote about them at class 206 @ I also heard heaven was pleased with what I said to NYC and "the south and the Civil War, I'm sorry you were wrong as hell just admit it and GET OVER IT" @ 9 to 11 minutes in this L94.

Class L105 is homies IN HEAVEN judging Asians, blacks, Hispanics, etc for being too prejudice ON EARTH.

This class 186 was made due to the difference between God's definition of a premature death and mine. These are lessons I've learned since then.

CLASS 103 at 1:46 min.
Jeremiah 20:7 Then I said Lord you deceived me when you promised me your help. I have to give them your messages because you're stronger than I am, but now I'm laughingstock of the city, mock my all.

Bible Notes pg 52 @
I explained how and why the Lord deceived me about dying a premature death in CLASS 103 at 1:41 to 1:59 hrs @ Humans can't comprehend God's awesome wisdom and sometimes God has to trick you into doing God's will and it's a test of your friendship with God of how gracefully you can take it, (=rw222pm which means George Washington's birthday). That was a sign that the American Revolution was a VERY big test of friendship with God because when I watched the Walt Disney movie JOHNNY TREMAIN I learned why the date 4-19-1775 was "the shot heard round the world", it was because God tricked the Founding Fathers into a David verses Goliath fight against England, (see it in L109 at 14 to 18 or to 35 min).

From class L97
I also mention, (@14 to 19 minutes), that "God broke the bank spending every miracle he could to help this country (USA) get started..." and I prove that in the first 37 minutes of class L109 @ and BOTH include THE NEXT ENERGY CRISIS & a cure.

The USA in 1776 is like God provoking you to stand up for your rights like God said to Job.
Job 40:7 "Brace yourself like a man, because I have some questions for you, and you must answer them".

I show 2 examples of that and how YOU can
find signs in songs & movies that apply to you in
Class 1a1 at 1 min @
First is what a lady said to Jesus after he provoked her to stand up for her rights in Matt 15:27 "That's true, Lord, but even dogs are allowed to eat the scraps that fall beneath their masters' table(!)". I acted out how mad the lady got at Jesus when he provoke her to say that.

THE POWER OF PRAYER is at L124 with why my classes are over but it's better told at L112 which includes a list of my patriotic classes.

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