November 3, 2011 | For more on this event, please visit:
Berkley Center for Religion, Peace and World Affairs | Georgetown University

We live in a time of accumulating global crises. Thought and action by human beings — ranging from politics and economy to education and pedagogy, and to culture and sport — is taking place more than ever before in a global context. This symposium addressed two areas of central importance: law and politics. Special consideration was paid to two clusters of questions: what is the relationship between global law and Global Ethic? And second, what is the relation between global policy and Global Ethic?

Global Ethic and Law:
As a fundamental institution of all societies, law is a deeply influential factor in individual and social activity. Yet its normative status is controversial, particularly in pluralistic, secularized societies. Is law essentially the result of legislative creation and juridical interpretation, or and does it — and should it — reflect ethical imperatives?

Global Ethic and Policy:
As a general concept, policy encompasses formulations of principles and strategies that address problems and establish prescriptive courses of action. The symposium concentrated on the potential implications of the Global Ethic for public policies dealing with international cooperation, diplomacy, inter-cultural and inter-religious dialogue.

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