The Kenedys band is composed of Florent Cardi, Nicolas Digiacomi, Guillaume Le Garjean and Marc Duval. The band is the result of an encounter, during a long rainy day of 2005 in Corsica. Florent and Nicolas studied in the same promotion, and were up to be young graduates. They started to play some covers in the old bars of the island, but quickly they began to compose their very own songs.

So, here come the first songs and the band was selected to participate at the regional final selection of Printemps de Bourges in Corsica in 2006. Unfortunately, none of the three selected corsican group would participate in the festival in France. Nonetheless an acoustic radio session was organized and it helped the band to experience something new.

A year later, with a new drummer (Erick Nieddu) and a new bassist (Thomas Digiacomi), the band obtained more self confidence and a regional scene asked The Kenedys to assure the first part for a gig of Alamo Race Track. It was a fantastic opportunity for them and this set - programmed on february 2008 - will be reminded as their best musical experience.

Let's get away the notorious alcoholic night with Alamo Race Track. After graduation, Nicolas and Florent decided to leave Corsica in order to settle in Paris. Without their drummer - who had to continue his studies - they had to form up the band again. So, after few months of casting and searching, they finally found the two missing parts of the band : Marc Duval (ex- bass guitar) and Guillaume Le Garjean (drums).

The First EP "Only music makes money today is avalaible since January 23th 2010.

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