Every day Military Liaison officers from 16 different countries work closely with the Timorese people, reaching out to remote communities that are rarely visited.

There are 442 sucos in Timor-Leste and each suco consists of a number of villages. Throughout the year, every suco will be visited at least once with some visited 2 or 3 times.

Traveling by vehicle and then on foot, on bad roads and through difficult terrain, the teams meet with local leaders and community. They monitor the security environment and gather information on topics like food, health, education and clean water. UN Agencies, like the World Food Program or the World health Organization can use this information for follow-up if needed.

Evangelista Da Silva, from Brazil and Sharon Monjardin Suico, from the Philippines, are working with their respective teams every day, engaging with people who rarely meet the world outside.

This is their story, a day in their life.

Warning : the video is for showreel purposes and not for broadcast to private channel or other partner. For further information contact perret@un.org

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