用紙筆寫下對遠方親人的思念/ 傳播快速,表達更為直接的網路傳播/ 婚姻的開始,開啓二人嶄新的紀錄/ 媽媽為女兒戴上的傳家寶是祝福也是家族的延續與見證/ 透過照片重溫年輕時光與一路的攜手相伴。紀錄存在你我之間,每個人以自己的方式,記載下無數重要的時刻; 一個信息得以傳遞,一份情感得以延續,捕捉當下的片段,成就永恆燦爛的回憶。

A handwritten love letter to a mail sent electronically to the start of a new life when a couple decides to tie the knot; and we see a Chinese mother giving her blessings by helping her daughter put on a heirloom, the act itself signifying tradition that is being passed down from one generation to the next, to old photographs of an elderly couple who still hold hands; these are all evidence of life’s tender moments, meant to be captured and passed on to the next generation. Memories to be treasured forever.

Director : JL
Executive Producer : Angela Moo
Project Manager : Jennifer Lin
Copywriters : JL, Angela Moo, Chan Chia, Jennifer Lin
Producer : Pan
Assistant producer : Kong Feng
Cinematographer : AJ Lin
1st Camera Assist : Jin-Hu Jian
Art Director : Chih-Hsiang Chen
Production Designer : Chin-Yuan Kao
Casting : Benjamin Ko
Hair : Nikki Tsao
Hair Assistant : Abby Tsai
Make-up : Angela Chen
Make-up Assistant : Yan-Zhen Zhu
Stylist : Chia-Hui Wang
Assistant Stylist : Emily Peng, Chiao Ling Wu

Storyboard artists : Lance Wei, Alejandra Lan
3D artists : Chan Chia, Zoe Tsai, Waiting Chen
2D Designer : Lance Wei, Alejandra Lan
Compositor : Showy Lin, Rex Hon
Editor : Angela Moo
Color Grading : Pudding, I-View

Music Composer : Rockid Lee, MUSDM
Sound effects : Peter Pan, MUSDM
Voice-Over : Maher Gilmour

Graffer : Jin-Hai Peng
Grip : Meng-Ting Lin

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