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Moroccan faces, American citizens
Some 250 people came from the four corners of the U.S. to meet each other, exchange experiences and share their nostalgia for Morocco. They came from different states and different perspectives. Their only common point was that they are Moroccan American.
Some knew each others from previous events; others met for the first time. But all tried to meet more people. As their name badges were not enough to present who they are, they introduced themselves to each person around the table: name, state, occupation, city of origin and especially the time they have spent in the U.S.
"I am proud and impressed by this amazing, big gathering," said Aziz Mekouar, the ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco in the U.S.
At the luncheon, the ambassador gave a long speech on the latest developments and challenges in Morocco.
Between two countries, two civilizations
The first one is economic people left to escape unemployment and poverty. They left to seek a better life. By coming to the U.S.A., the emigrants aim to become richer. People also came to the U.S. to rejoin families already here. Those who won a green card, which makes them legal U.S. residents, through the U.S.-sponsored lottery then try to bring the rest of their families. Recently, professional reasons became important, too. Moroccan experts prefer to work in industrialized countries such as the U.S., causing a brain drain in Morocco.
For many Moroccans, the return to their country of origin is an idea, a project. The American dream that they are living can not let them.
By Khadija Smiri

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