a Birthday RErecord

see through | by: joe | covered by: moi

A RErecord
words: Joe
vocals: Lexy Lu
ukelele: Tyler Odom
camera: Zoe Ann
kite: Puppycat

thank you for the REsource RonEn: vimeo.com/479342

i am what i look like to you
but i don't know what you see through
you are what you look like to me
but i'm not sure through what i see

going by the show of shows
my eyes do not seem to be those
to trust to be whose just and knows
how anybody's story goes

so it seems its up to me
to decide through what i see
as it seems it's up to you
to decide what you see through

so if you like i will agree
to be the he through whom you see
as long as i can count on you
to be the who that i see through

you are what i love to see
and i look pretty good to you
and everything looks good to me
when we are what i'm seeing through

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