A week after the earthquake FilmsOnArtists went to Haiti and brought suitcases of canvasses and paint supplies for the children of the Maranatha School and Orphanage in Port-Au-Prince to create their first works of art.

The project was the initiative of documentary filmmaker Kevin O'Hanlon who collaborated with Haitian born artist Richard Laurent and a team of volunteers at the orphanage.

The children painted what they wanted to occur in their lives - a home for their family, trees, clothes to wear, a car to drive to town in. We exhibited their paintings at our gallery, Rogue Space | Chelsea, New York and rebuilt their school with the proceeds.

Now Franca Arts and Fashion Charity and TMS Group have brought the children's art into the fashion world by creating a line of the finest cashmere scarves featuring the children's images which will be launched this holiday season. With their sale we will create a sustainable community with trade schools, health facilities and and agriculture so the children will step into the world they envisioned and expressed in those first images. 100% of the proceeds go to the children.

Visit our site: IAmHaitiScarves.com

The Maranatha School and Orphanage was created by Michael Fedele and is administered by LifeForTheWorld.

Film By Kevin O'Hanlon, FilmsOnArtists.com.

Music by Richard "Earthman" Laurent.

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