As a gamer, what would you be willing to do to complete the ultimate quest? The quest for...NERDVANA!

Four friends from a local gaming guild "scour the realm of Indiana" in search of clues that will lead them to various gaming competitions in this feature-length motion picture comedy brought to you by Ball State University.

With twists and challenges throughout, our heroes face betrayals from within their guild; terrorists who worship Joss Whedon; and even a four-foot tall maniacal Star Trek fan!

All this and more must be overcome in order to complete the quest and receive the prize of VIP tickets to Gen-Con, the "most awesome gaming convention in the 'verse." But more importantly, the winners of the quest will learn what it means to achieve the state of "Nerdvana."


Scheduled for release in 2012, Nerdvana is the product of a student-managed immersive learning program at Ball State University.

Nerdvana is the eighth yearly film created by the Production Immersion Program -- written, directed and produced by over 240 students within the Telecommunications, Art, English and Theater departments.

This project provides a unique opportunity for students to create a feature-length film within an environment that goes far beyond the ability for a student to "shadow" professionals as they create a film. Instead, the students perform all of the duties themselves, under the supervision of university faculty.

The success of previous films has led to selections as presenters at international film festivals, and one regional Emmy Award nomination.

For more information on the Ball State University Production Immersion Program, please contact:

Rich Swingley - Instructor
Dept. of Telecommunications

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