"The Incident" is a small three part short film series written and directed by Andrew Roberts. In Part one, we are introduced to a homeless man who awakes in the forest with a wound. Disoriented and confused, he wanders through the forest until he comes to what appears to be an abandoned house. After obtaining food and aid, he leaves and begins to wander the streets of the neighborhood and finds that no one is to be found. As he comes to a hill, he looks up to the sky to find something unexpected and unsettling...

Homeless Man played by Chris Murray

Cinematography by Andrew Roberts

Production Assistants
Don Connelly
Tom Lechowicz
Chris Murray

Post Production Assistants
Don Connelly
Tom Lechowicz

Music written and composed by
Kevin Macleod
Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

For Part One, shooting took about 3 hours and Post-Production took about three months from start to finish.
We shot the film using a Panasonic HDC-TM700 with Wide angle and Telephoto lenses.
Software used:
Final Cut Pro
Soundtrack Pro
Adobe After Effects

Parts Two & Three are still to come...

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