Welcome to REAL-TIME 2D LIVE, your monthly update to what's going on in the world of real-time 2D Animation. On this 1st episode, we will introduce what happened when Reallusion was in ComicCon San Diego, Photoshop Creative® Magazine review on CrazyTalk Animator®, AnimationSalad Competition, and creative showcases from our users.

Hot Buzz: ComicCon 2011 - Jimmy Kimmel's™ CrazyTalk® videos / Justice-for-Hire comics blog.reallusion.com/imported-data/2011/7/29/comic-con-2011-pow-zap-boom-photos-video.html

Media Buzz: Photoshop Creative® Magazine review on CrazyTalk Animator® reallusion.com/press/awarddata/Link1_20110711063251.pdf

Hot Event: Animation Salad Competitionhttp://www.reallusion.com/event/11-crazytalkcontest/default.html

Featured Video: ITAK Studios

Newest Content: Talking Lips reallusion.com/ContentStore/csproduct.aspx?contentid=ACR100DIENU011920110727001&MenuItem=cta_all&Type=all

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