verb /ˈbrānˌwôSH/  /-ˌwäSH/ 
brainwashed, past participle; brainwashed, past tense; brainwashes, 3rd person singular present; brainwashing, present participle

Make (someone) adopt radically different beliefs by using systematic and often forcible pressure
- the organization could brainwash young people
- they have been brainwashed into conformity and subservience

Do you ever look at your surroundings and think beyond what you are show and are forced to listen to? Do you ever think to question what is the meaning or purpose behind the messages that are subconsciously sent to your brain?

Whenever you're watching television, listening to the radio, and use products that for some reason you've been convinced that your "Need" for some reason.

You hear what they want you to hear. See what they want you to see. Act how they want you to act.

They want you to be just another husk for their objectives. It's up to you to decide to live within a nightmare, or see the truth for what it is and to make a move from there...

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