~Official Selection - Toronto After Dark Film Festival 2010~

What do you do when you discover that your whole life is a lie and that the reason no one loves you is that you are just too different? When you search for love and don’t find it? When your life begins to unravel? Well, if you’re a sock, you create it. This film is the story of that search for love – of the sock who desired it, the girl who gave it, and the monster that destroyed it.

Starring: Erin Fleck, Elora MacGregor and Peter Zauner
Director: Aaron Kopff
Producers: Alexander Brodzki and Mike MacMillan
Writers: Eric Foley and Aaron Kopff
DOP: Daniel Grant
Editor: Jonathan Eagan
Casting: Morgan Casting
Music: Jackie Phoenix, Loraina Fox and Hayden Desser
Production Designer: Naz Goshtasbpour
Sound: Sean Van Delft

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