Seule dans les ruines d'un monde qu'elle n'a jamais connu, une petite fille se lève et sort de sa caravane toute rouillée. Dehors, pas un bruit. Personne. Juste de la fumée, une imagination tranquille et sa seule confidente, la planche à l'oeil. Commence alors une drôle de conversation...

Alone in the ruins of a world she never knew, a little girl copes with time and solitude with the means at her disposition; a sprawling scrapyard, a calm imagination and her sole confident, a Board with an eye carved on it. When she chats with the world around her, she does so in a language she has invented for herself.

The girl: Anne Morency

Writer, Director, Producer: Ian Lagarde

Producer and Production Manager: Annick Blanc

Cinematographer and Associate Producer: Van Royko

Production Designer: Geneviève Parent

Location Sound: Zoe Mapp

1st AC: Ryan Spence

Swing: René Lagarde

Set photographer: Aurélien Pallier-Collinot

Production assistant: Sophie Bédard
Production assistant: Steven Reitlander

Editing: Alexandre Leblanc

Sound Conception: Simon Gervais (Bande à part audio et post-production)

Color Timing: Paul Raphaël

Shot with the RedOne, on location in Quebec, Canada, at my grandfather's place.

Thanks to all who participated in the making of this movie!

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