This is the followup to the mercury-gallium-aluminum amalgam series. After the bar corroded for 6 hours, a seen in the other videos in this series, I let it sit under a bell jar till the next evening.

The start of THIS video is 24 hours after introducing the amalgam, and follows the progress of corrosion for another 36 hours. So this video shows 36 hours of corrosion in about 30 seconds. Note that while the spread of the amalgam has ceased, the damage continues continuously.

So while the amalgam itself might not cause immeduate failure, there is no reason to believe that days, or years later the amage would not continue - albeit slowly.

In the same area where this video was recorded is a cut section of steel I-beam which has been there for 40 years. It shows only the slightest corrosion. So it is safe to say that the continued "rusting" caused by the amalgam proceeds perhaps 8000x faster.

Processing notes: This was shot as 7200 stills in a portrait orientstion. The stills were run through SBG to adjust contrast, sharpen, and crop. The camera mount failed part way through the shoot, causing a shift in the image. I was able to compensate for this by moving the crop window to maintain the same relative position. But its was nit a perfect "fix." The output series was then run through ffmpeg using the

-vf "transpose=3"

option to rotate the image CCW 90 degrees. This resulted in the vertically oriented video you see here.

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