This short is a single channel video for a 4 part Installation that explores the inner-workings of the mind and delves into one's personality traits.

The performances on screen were not so much directed as they were given stimuli such as 'fear', 'anger', 'aloof', 'shock', etc, and then captured performing them.

The installation is made up of 3 rooms that have speakers constantly looping the music. The first room is screening this short on loop. The Second has a wall of framed Portraits featuring the characters captured in the first room's video, and then an empty frame with a white background. The third room features a live feed that is projected into that empty frame and a table with a series of paints and instruments to allow the onlooker to bring themselves into the artwork and interact with the music and the other figures.

This film was an assessment at the College of Fine Arts.

Shot, Designed and Edited by Jake Weisz.
Starring Jared Freeman, Varina Krook, Tim Reuban, Julia Kelly, Lexi Rabin, Jake Weisz, Sophie Weisz.

Music: Santo Gold - Kreator

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