Consequences will never be the same! What happens when you turn two neo-shock jocks loose in the North Atlanta suburbs with cameras, a car, some money, and unlimited libidos?

A whirlwind and brain-eatingly odd trip through Fry's, Micro Center, the Mall of Georgia, and Brand Smart ensues!

If you missed the Black Friday livevblogging, you can find all of it collected in one place:

If you missed the live photoblogging, go gander the SquidLord's G+ feed at and the Big Leneski's at .

If you wanted to know about how to be Dub Stupid(tm)(c) for yourself, catch the With Special Guest interview with Jon Gray himself ( If, for some strange reason, you wanted to be Dub Stupid(tm)(c), go to Jonathan H. Gray's Facebook page at and tell him that you were inspired by us. He'll be your friiiiiiiiiend.

Operation BSU itself blogs over at but if you want the true up to the minute updates, special offers, and crazy insider bits, hit the G+ Page at .

Soon, there will be a return to all kinds of vocal shennanigans on the show proper! Keep in the loop, keep on top of things, and you could be the next voice we hear on Operation BSU.

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