Proximus wanted to show as much features as possible of their 'offer of the month'.
Shot in 2 days in and around Brussels in lots of different places with a very small crew. A lot of the shoot is with available light. All camera movements with skater dolly.

Production company: BMS - Chris Proesmans
Line producer: Bavo Bostoen
Creative director: Nicholas Blasband
Camera: Geert Verstraete
Camera ass, gaffer, everything else: Frank Dewaele
Lead role: Ellen Petri (presenter)
Other people appearing are employees of Belgacom TV or crew members
Make-up: Eva Peeters (also playing herself)
Editor: Adil Nahjani
Graphics: Christoph at Belgacom TV
Super quick grading: Moxy - Joost Vandekerckhove
Music: library (Annemie Hendrickx)
Director: Peter Bostoen

Shot on Canon 5D (+ GoPro for car shots)

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