A collection of works shot on varying cameras including: the RED M-X, Phantom, Unhacked GH2, 5D, and HVX-200.

Includes footage from the following projects:
Love or War (Feature - GH2)
Shark Night 3D Opening Titles (Feature - RED M-X)
Head of Death/Fisque (Webseries - GH2)
Breakin' Til Dawn (Finance Trailer - GH2)
Shine MMA Commercial (RED M-X, Phantom)
Between the Lines (Music Video - HVX200)
Spec CoBalt Commercial (5D)
Various Shorts and Actor Reels with the GH2

Because the same questions keep coming up, below is the list of gear used.

None of these shots were shot with the hack applied, but I have only recently hacked the camera, and the difference is stunning!!

Here's what I used for the anamorphic flares. vimeo.com/9498434

For the RED and Phantom footage I used the RED 50-150 T3 zoom, and a Cooke 25-250mm T2.3 zoom.

I think the lens I used on the 5D was an Canon 18-85mm f3.5 zoom, I can't remember. It was just a test of the gen 1 5D, back when it could only shoot 30fps, and there was no way to manually select the ISO. (The car mount shots)

Everything on the HVX and GH2 side was shot with my Nikons (50mm f1.8, 24mm 2.8, 75-200mm 2.8. I used a canon .7 wide angle adapter to compensate for the lens crop on the 50 and the 24.)

I realize I need a .5 adapter to actually get the entire lens FOV back, but I already had the .7 lying around from my old PD150, so it was just the cost of a step-down ring to make it work. And it yields some cool flares as well, and no vignetting.

My ColorGHear plug-in (ColorGHear.com)was applied in After Effects to give the GH2 footage a more filmic look.

The ProRes file is spectacular. Could go straight to Bluray or HDCAM and project on a 50 foot screen with stunning results.

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