I am fascinated with telecommunications technology and the psychological impact it has on people. Cell phones in particular are seen as an extension of oneself, containing contact to all of the most important people in our life (and then some) through a variety of lines –phone, email, social media, etc. But if we found ourselves down on our luck, as serious as being jobless, homeless and completely broke – how many friends would you really have? And who would you turn to? And would they turn to you?

This short film is about understanding that despite technology connecting people in more ways than ever, it is becoming harder and harder to form real relationships.
By creating a main character influenced by current day
circumstance I was also able to take advantage of filming in New York. I wanted to film the unique beauty of this city which added meaning to my story. I also wanted to link the story to current world events and social issues that could resonate with a wide audience. I decided to create Eli as the main character, a business man in his 30's who climbed the corporate ladder on Wall
Street for a financial firm but was left jobless after the Global Financial Crisis. Having no one to turn to, Eli finds himself jobless and homeless on the streets of New York city.

Here is the trailer and I hope to see you all at the screening on 7th December at NYFA!

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