Deriving its mood from the protagonist’s name, Querelle Jansen, it only felt natural using it as the short’s title.
The heart of the night, immediate immersion into the action, whilst a cold wind pervades the scene. Inside a car, a lovers skirmish just played out.
Like a moth desperately flapping its wings, fighting in vane to liberate itself from the rain fallen that instant, our protagonist distances herself, heart wildly beating, from the vehicle.
Slightly hesitant, after a short reflection, she turns and sweeps, moving graciously back to the car. Swirling emotions crowding her face and her eyes.
Arrived at the vehicle, though, it suddenly pulls away.
The querelle continues.

starring: Querelle Jansen
concept and direction: Stefano Galuzzi
shot and cut by Michele Brandstetter de Bellesini
styling: Tanya Jones
Assistant director: Pietro Sommacampagna
music: Steve Piccolo & Gak Sato
hair stylist: Franco Argento @Atomo Management
make up artist: Tatyana Makarova @Atomo Management
photo assistant: Andrea Artemiso & Keisuke Otobe
styling assistant: Agnes Schults
production: Human Touch

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