Before McFly’s freeride career started 10 years ago an extended tirp through the Argentinean Andes. The landscapes and encounters were carved into his soul ever since. After many winters searching the perfect freeride lines with the focus on ‚higher & faster“ it was time to come back to the place which inspired him to follow his own path. Together with his freeride mates Björn Heregger and Max Zipser they followed an invite of their good friend Andre Sommer, which found his second winter home in the southern hemisphere. With Andre’s mobile home, the ‚Bondi’, they let themselves fall into the South American mentality and powered by their curiosity they flow through the southern Andes. Right from the start they were fascinated by the snow covered partly active volcanos, which rise above all other mountain chains within hundreds of kilometres.

film by: Martin Winkler
Hanno Mackovitz

Location: Chile, Argentina

Rider: Björn Heregger
Max Zipser
Martin ‘McFly’ Winkler

Camera / Edit: Hanno Mackowitz
Martin Winkler

Soundtrack: Times New Roman

Producer: Zero Division

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