Various images of the building I took over a few months and a time lapse experiment where I took one picture every five minutes for an hour over the sunset period. I wanted to see how the brightness of the sky and the brightness of the building interacted as the sun went down. Shortly after sunset, on a cloudless night, the colours really pop and the light changes quickly.

Music: "The Blue Cathedral" by Talvihorros ( From the 5468796 website: "WRHA on hargrave
Winnipeg, MB.

Hargrave Holdings LLC
33 000 sq ft

WRHA on Hargrave is a six storey office building that challenges traditional ‘on spec’ design with unique floor plates and an undulating, animated facade. Faced with small, 75’ x 75’ floor plates and a large core component, each level could only provide 3,500 square feet of useable area. By pushing the stairs to the outside and allowing them to cantilever over adjacent properties, additional square footage was reclaimed for offices while simultaneously improving the quality of space within.

In order to achieve this approach, two separate staircases at diagonally opposite corners begin on the sixth floor and spiral down their respective sides, maintaining the required distance between exits on each level. The inherent flow of this corkscrew environment encourages users to communicate between floors, activating the exterior skin and reducing dependance on the elevator core."

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