"The grant aims at supporting and opening up the discussions on artistic research to an expanded network through an open call. It encourages innovative approaches to how discourse is staged and how knowledge is produced, rethought and interwoven across disciplines. Without any limitations on the content, the proposed inquiries are expected to suggest new forms and methodologies, by reflecting on contexts and conditions of the knowledge produced."

"Applicants can submit an artistic research project that is currently in the production stage or one that is scheduled to be completed during the six-month period following the date of selection.- Ability to speculate on what knowledge is and suggest new forms of knowledge production."

- "Ability to articulate an innovative methodology and form in relation to the content."

- "Ability to consider artistic problems from a theoretical viewpoint."

- "Ability to articulate a trandisciplinary approach; creating cooperation among different fields."

- "Project feasibility according to the complementary documents provided."

- "Ability to create new technological assemblages and to work innovatively with technology, which does not have to be necessarily high-tech."

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