A Short Scene

The government says radiation has infested everything. The food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe. They've issued masks for everyone to wear when outside and anti-radiation medication is being distributed weekly around the world. People live in fear. Of everything, everyone. Some people don't believe the government, they think it's a conspiracy. But, Vincent, he just doesn't care. He doesn't wear a mask anywhere and sells his pills on the streets to the paranoid. Everyone thinks he's gone mad in the head. They say: "You'd have to be crazy to walk around like nothing's going on, you'd have to be a lunatic."

Sam Brodie
Walter Fields

Voicework: Blake Jones

Music: Boys and Frogs

Writer/Director: Trevvor Riley
Director of Photography: Colten Currey
Sound Design/Titles: Brandon T. Hickey
Poster Artwork: Matthew Wriston
Additional Sound Effects: Andrew Vietri


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