GH2 + SLRMagic 12mm f1.6 + (LCW FADER ND 72mm)

Almost shot taken

f1.6 (a little bit soft but nice sharpness for portrait.)
f2 (to avoid a flare and to increase sharpness.)

GH2 (No hackfirm) smooth mode -2 -2 -2 -2

I used SLRMagic 12mm f1.6 lens for 2 weeks.

and I think that it is very very very nice lens:D


Nice aperture. (t1.6 same as f1.4. good for low light.)

Nice sharpness. (sharp even at f1.6. super sharp at f4.)

Nice bokeh. (like a cinema lens.)

Nice price. ($499 is cheap compared to OLY 12mm f2)


Flare at f1.6 (but not at f2.)

MF (but easy to focus with smooth focus ring.)

Heavy weight (not too heavy;)

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