An Unstable Emphaty is a reactive environment constantly remediated in real-time by the mind activity of two players which are constantly forced to negotiate their emphatic state.
It’s a collaborative game in which the meanings of cooperation, entangling and collective consciusness are directly perceived on the physiological level.

At the beginning of the game two participants are selected from the audience; then some electroencephalographic (EEG) electrode are being mounted on the head of two players. Their Alpha brainwave (8-10 cicles/second) is measured in amplitude in order to assess the mental state and the level of relax and concentration of the two participants, while the players’ brain activity is rendered in real time as visuals on the big screen behind them and as spatialized sounds surrounding the environment.

The two players quickly realize that the narration of the imagery is directly driven by their brain activity. They also realize they can continue the journey only forcing themselves in an emphatic relation: shifting between chaos and organization, they constantly have to renegotiate their own mind states in order to let the narration going on, in an unceasing research of a shared balance.
As the journey goes on, visual and sonic stimulis increase:
the players watch the evocative imagery generated on the screen, and at the same time they are forced to focus on their own immer insights to keep the state of empathy and let the narration going on.
Maintaining a balance become more and more difficult: “driving” the journey requires an ever demanding stress and increasing synergics, until the end of the game..

How much empathy do we need to face with the voyage
that humanity undertook?
Only those who are able to “travel” together will finish the
game ...

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