"2.8 Days Later - a film project which is all about finding and supporting undiscovered talent" - brought to you by Left Eye Blind & Trinity Leeds, in association with Everyman Cinema.

Between 18th and 20th November 2011 we challenged 150 film makers to write shoot and finish a film in under three days. The results are being revealed via facebook.com/TrinityLeeds.

Help us pick a Peoples' Choice Award winner - vote for your favorite film by liking it on our Facebook page (facebook.com/TrinityLeeds). The closing date is 31st January so get voting and the winner will be announced at a special screening in the spring. Remember, only votes made on Facebook will count.


The film is about a man living in a state of Lassitude (extreme laziness). He has no job, no friends, no life. One day he wakes up and things are different to the usual routine of eating, smoking, watching TV and sleeping. The world seems to slow down and nothing seems to work. The anti-hero wanders through blindly getting more and more frustrated, until he suddenly has an epiphany when he sees an image of himself asleep on a park bench. The world has been a reflection of his personality and he must change his ways. But it is easier said than done as he has some last minute doubts whether he can hack a new proactive life....

The people behind the camera:
Our team is made up from 3rd and 4th year graphic design students at leeds university. We are all studying a 'contemporary motion' module as an elective and our tutor (the great Alan Oliver) encouraged us to form a team and enter the competition. Our team is Robbie Macdonald, Leigh Glynn-Finnegan, Miles Monaghan, Daniel Fischer, Doya Beardmore and Victoria Edmonds. 

The teams thoughts on the 2.8 Days Later process:
''Exhausting, stressful, difficult, frustrating but utterly addictive.

The weekend tested us to the very limits - especially who could stay up the longest without going insane, yet we all agreed it was an incredibly rewarding experience. The term 'adrenaline film making' makes sense to us us now, and in result we have a piece of work we are all really proud of" 


Between 18th and 20th November 2011 we challenged 150 film makers to write shoot and finish a film in under three days. The overall theme was 'Reflections'.

Working from Left Eye Blind's base in Leeds, and with support from industry professionals, including Director Jason Wingard, winner of the 2011 Virgin Media Shorts, participants made 27 brand-spanking new short films.

This project is all about finding and supporting undiscovered talent with the potential to rock the future of British film, and helping it reach the big screen.

All films created at the event are eligible for entry into a new Trinity Leeds short film prize. Three award winners will be picked by the public, the media and by a panel of industry experts - the public voting has now begun on facebook.com/TrinityLeeds.

The winners will each receive an awesome prize ranging from free cinema passes at the new Everyman Leeds (opening Spring 2013), to support towards their next film, to the opportunity to showcase their entry at an Everyman venue in London in 2012 – as a trailer at the start of a major movie!

The winners will be announced at a very special screening event, in Leeds during spring 2012.

Help us pick a Peoples' Choice Award winner - cast your vote by liking your favorite film on our Facebook page (facebook.com/TrinityLeeds). Only votes made on Facebook, before 31 January 2011, will be counted.

Film is at the heart of Trinity Leeds, a new 1 million sq ft Land Securities development in the centre of Leeds. It will be home to the first Everyman Cinema outside of London, and is committed to supporting grassroots, independent film making throughout the region.

For more information about this and future projects, please like our Facebook page today: facebook.com/TrinityLeeds

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